Who we are

Liberate helps people manage their pain and other debilitating conditions through natural and holistic approaches.
... not dangerous and addictive drugs such as opiods.

Medical Professionals

Our team includes certified medical marijuana doctors, industry experts and a caring staff of patient advocates.

Proven Effective Care

We were the first medical marijuana physician centers in Florida. We guide you every step of the way.

Results Oriented

Many of our patients get their FL State Medical Marijuana Card within three weeks or less!

How we work


With medical marijuana now legal in many states, we are committed to helping our patients gain access to and become compliant with state law.
Dan Reid - Founder and CEO


We take the guesswork and risk out of becoming legal. You’ll be aware of all your options and the best way to move forward.
Mark Turgeon - COO


We focus on providing the highest standard of care, answering all your questions and keeping you up-to-date as the new medical marijuana laws evolve.
Dan Smith - Chief Medical Officer

Medical Marijuana has been shown to provide relief from pain and other chronic conditions without the harmful side effects of 'traditional' medications such as opiods.
Daniel Smith. M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
We started Liberate Physician Centers to provide a safe, legal alternative to the current epidemic caused by synthetic opiods.
Dan Reid
Founder & CEO

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